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Quiz #1: Answers

Part A: Multiple Choice
1. Nitrogen wastes from the breakdown of proteins and amino acids are removed from the body by the

a) conversion of ammonia to urea in the liver and filtration by the kidney.


2. What is positive feedback?

b) is a process which accentuates or increases a response to a stimulus and serves to destroy equilibrium


3. A rapid increase in external temperature would be followed by which homeostatic adjustment in humans?

c) an increase in blood flow to the arms and an increase in perspiration


4.  Concentrated urine is produced when ADH is

d) abundant and the collecting duct is permeable to water.


5. The process by which blood is pumped under pressure through permeable capillaries, forcing out water, wastes and nutrients

b) filtration


Part B: Fill in the Blanks

1. monitor, coordinating centre, regulator

2. towards, away from

3. sensors, nerve, hypothalamus, sweating

4. body, waste, lungs, intestine, kidneys

5. nephrons, kidneys





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