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Quiz #3: Answers

Part A: Multiple Choice

1.     What type of nerve cell returns the body to normal resting levels after adjustments to stress?

a) parasympathetic



2. Immunity is:

b) the ability to resist a disease after being exposed to it in the past


3.  What is the membrane of an axon called when it is charged by unequal distribution of positively charged ions inside and outside the nerve cell?

c) polarized


4. A person suffers a stroke that results in a loss of speech, difficulty in using the right arm, and an inability to solve mathematical equations. Which area of the brain was damaged?

b) left cerebral hemisphere


5. What is the primary function of the myelin sheath?

d) to increase the speed at which nerve impulses travel


Part B: Matching


1a), 3b), 5c), 2d)


1e), 2b), 3d), 4a), 5g), 6c)




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